SBC Professional Members
Sep 10th R$ 605,00
Sep 30th R$ 666,00
Oct 20th R$ 799,00
Professional Non-Members
Sep 10th R$ 861,00
Sep 30th R$ 928,00
Oct 20th R$ 1.074,00
SBC Student Members
Sep 10th R$ 152,00
Sep 30th R$ 167,00
Oct 20th R$ 290,00
Undergraduate Student Non-Members
Sep 10th R$ 187,00
Sep 30th R$ 203,00
Oct 20th R$ 338,00
Graduate Student Non-Members
Sep 10th R$ 243,00
Sep 30th R$ 259,00
Oct 20th R$ 394,00

Obs: All deadlines expire at 23:59 BRT.

Cancelation Policy

Any participant who paid the registration and has decided to not attend the conference are entitled to 80% refund of the amount paid if the cancellation is requested prior to September 17th, 2017. After that date, no refunds will be issued.


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