Workshop of Industry Applications (WIA)

Important dates
Jul 31st
Aug 7th
Submission deadline
Aug 21st Notification of acceptance
Aug 28th Camera-ready due

Call for the Workshop of Industry Applications

The Workshop of Industry Applications (WIA) welcomes submissions describing solutions based on graphics, patterns, and images, for industry applied problems. Contributions are expected to feature an innovative use of original or known methods and/or tools from interactive graphics and visualization, machine vision, and image processing. They are also encouraged to be the result of applied and exploratory research.

All accepted papers will be published in the proceedings of the WIA (available in electronic format) and scheduled for oral and demo presentations.

Instruction to the authors

The paper should be 6 to 8 pages long, including all figures and references. All papers will be double blindly reviewed by two experts.

All submissions must be in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) and must comply with the SIBGRAPI formatting guidelines with the following adjustments:

  • The article can be submitted in English or in Portuguese. Texts in Portuguese must also include, before the abstract in Portuguese, an abstract in English.
  • The papers must be submitted through the WIA CMT system.
  • The acceptance of a work implies that at least one of its authors will register for the conference and will present it.

Review Process

All papers will be double blindly reviewed by two experts, and all papers recommended for acceptance by both reviewers will be accepted and scheduled for oral and demo presentations. The review process starts briefly after the submission of the paper and other optional supporting materials (e.g., video). The paper is then distributed to the reviewers, who will evaluate the paper, share their comments with the authors, decide on the paper's acceptance, and eventually require corrections.

The authors of an accepted paper then upload their final version of the paper and its Publication is validated by the oral and demo presentations in the event.

Oral and Demo Presentation

Each accepted paper will be presented orally, in English or Portuguese, during the event. We strongly suggest authors(s) to present in English (slides and, if possible, orally) due to the anticipated number of international participants (of both WIA and SIBGRAPI). The oral presentations must fit in 15 minutes, with additional 5 minutes for questions. The authors will also be given the opportunity to demo their solutions for the SIBGRAPI participants.


Esteban Clua (UFF), and Flávio Cardeal (CEFET-MG).


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