Thematic Workshops

Accepted Workshops

  • 2nd Workshop on Pattern Recognition for Earth Observation. (Workshop page)
  • 7th Workshop on Visual Analytics, Information Visualization and Scientific Visualization. (Workshop page)

Call for Thematic Workshops

We are inviting proposals for workshops to be held as special sessions of the conference.

The purpose of these workshops is to provide participants with an informal setting for discussing innovative work on important new technical directions. Workshops should last 3-6 hours, and will be scheduled for October 18-20. Although the organizers determine the format of the workshop, it is recommended to reserve substantial time for discussion, and that aspect will be considered in the selection process.

Proposals for workshops should be at most 2-3 pages in length and should contain:

  • Title.
  • Area of interest.
  • A brief description of the workshop technical issues.
  • The relevance and novelty of the workshop.
  • Contact information of the organizing committee. This committee should consist of at least three experts in the field, not all from the same institution. One of the members should be identified as the contact person.
  • Estimate of the audience size and composition, including background.
  • Format and agenda.
  • Procedures for selecting papers or other types of work, if applicable. It is recommended that the deadline for submission of works follows the same schedule as the other SIBGRAPI workshops.
  • A list of audio-visual or technical requirements.
  • Budget of the workshop: it should include information about existing funding for the planned activities and what have to be included in the SIBGRAPI general budget.

Workshop proposals should be submitted as a PDF file to the chairs.

Evaluation Process

The chairs will review the proposals regarding: overall quality, attractiveness, relevance and benefits to the SIBGRAPI attendees; expertise of organizers in the subject area; format and agenda.


Leonardo Sacht (UFSC), and Nivan Ferreira (UFPE).


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